Best Practice

Role model

We see ourselves as pioneers in innovative solutions. We develop fasteners that far exceed the standards. We are always looking for new ways of providing our customers with benefits, largely thanks to our high levels of technical expertise and  consistent quality management, but also because of our specialised industry knowledge and desire to push the boundaries of engineering. We create our own standard, which is always one step ahead of the official requirements.

The Art of German Engineering

In German it is known as "Ingenieurkunst", in English it is "the Art of Engineering”. This is the process of consistently turning something good into something even better. As a company with German roots, this is ingrained in our culture and we seek to create the art of perfection with every technical challenge that we face.

Case study 1

For a special customer-specified part that was produced on complex CNC machines, we designed the same part to be produced on a multi-station part former. With this sophisticated development, we were able to:

  • reduce costs by 50%,
  • increase efficiency through a 60-fold increase in production speed,
  • stop loss of material by introducing non-cutting manufacturing processes,
  • improve material quality by increasing the strength of the workpiece.

Case study 2

Another example is the way we improved a DIN-screw that had insufficient mechanical strength for our customer's needs. We changed its size and shape and optimized the raw material in our own wire drawing plant until we had far exceeded the standard specifications. We have also refined the mass production process that we developed for this application, and it has now been running successfully for many years.

Case study 3

The customer gave us two challenges at once. The customer needed a special screw with reduced weight, but could not switch to a lighter material for price reasons. Our engineers solved this apparent contradiction by developing a screw with a hollow body that is produced by extrusion cold forming. Its intelligent design not only reduced the weight by 30%, but the accompanying material savings also met all the customer's cost targets.


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