10 Good Reasons for Choosing Tigges Fasteners

What sets us apart

We are a successful global company whose value creation is based on its employees' expertise. We achieve this through a program of staff development that provides support while at the same time offering freedom to grow. It has 10 special features.

1. Excellence

Our work is characterized by cutting-edge technology, the very latest knowledge and highly advanced processes. These three pillars support our claim to be a world-class company and will help us to remain so in the long term. They provide the professionalism and innovative leadership that makes every employee part of a winning team.

2. Guaranteed future

We offer crisis-proof products and solutions for a variety of industries and supply well-known companies and brands worldwide. Our diversification across a wide range of industries and our high-quality unique selling propositions mean we remain largely untouched by economic fluctuations.

3. A family business

As a family business with tradition, we take care of our employees. The family structure provides support for each and every one of us in both the professional and personal spheres. Recognition and appreciation of others are core values that are part of our everyday lives.

4. Career opportunities

The healthy expansion of our company's global presence means that our employees have excellent prospects for advancing their careers. We encourage and support our staff to pursue ideas and tasks that will help them to develop their skills and knowledge.

5. Environmental responsibility

As an Asian company with German roots, we incorporate a high level of environmental awareness into our processes. From energy efficiency to the prudent use of material resources and environmentally-friendly logistics, we are committed to communicating and acting in ways that promote sustainability .

6. Dynamic

By consistently investing in the most modern machines and processes, we are able to stay one step ahead of our competitors. The same applies to the strategic direction of our company, the acquisition of new markets and the expansion of our services.

7. Power of innovation

The experience and creativity of our employees is a valuable resource for improving the quality of our processes and products. This is why we give our staff as much freedom as possible in their work and always encourage new ideas.

8. Team spirit

Teamwork and sharing knowledge is very important to us. In order to encourage this, we offer a growing number of staff leisure and sports facilities that are open to colleagues from all departments.

9. On-going training

Each department has an annual budget for training. This can be used for internal and external training in order to enhance personal and professional skills on an on-going basis.

10. Flat hierarchies

We believe in our system of lean management, which is based on high levels of personal responsibility. We have an open-door policy that ensures quick decision-making and speedy answers to questions.


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