Corporate guidelines

How we unite our values and aims

Tigges accepts responsibility for its employees, customers, suppliers and the environment. A codex was formulated for the company's sustainable strategy, which provides orientation from seven perspectives, of the  mission we have to fulfill.

Convincing through quality

We are convinced by quality and convince through quality. This applies to all business areas, from customer service and product development to supplier management, production, post-processing and logistics. We are continuously developing our quality management system.

Assuming responsibility

With self-responsible and careful work methods, we create efficient processes, ensure high efficiency, guarantee our customers the planned results and provide a safe environment for our employees.

Win as a team

Our services are team services. We promote cooperation through respect and appreciation, both in mutual interaction and in directing our personal behavior to the benefit of the customers.

Leading the competition

In all areas of the company, we strive for innovative solutions to fulfill both efficiency and quality. The competition serves as inspiration to improve our own processes. As an industry role model, we seek to maintain and expand our lead.

Develop staff

We invest in the skills of our employees and promote the self-commitment of the individual. As a family, we stand for social responsibility, commit ourselves to each other and provide professional support for the development of personal skills.

Shaping the future

We understand our market position as a temporary situation, whose continuance requires ongoing development and innovation. We establish the creative basis for positive change through inspiration opportunities, training, market research and the latest technologies.

Combining value creation and value retention

Our processes are subject to an environmental awareness that is committed to sustainability. We conserve energy and material resources, provide staff with training for an enterprise-wide awareness and secure implementation in practice with specific measures.


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