Moving towards the future - since 1925

1925: Lebrecht Tigges KG is founded in Wuppertal, Germany
Initial production focuses on turned parts.

1950: Start of screw production using cold-forming techniques
Production of stainless steel screws expands in the 1960s. Tigges produces over 1 million stainless steel screws for the construction of the Olympic Stadium in Munich. Other major projects include the Hamburg Elbe Tunnel and the UN building in Vienna.

1992: Tigges Stainless Steel Fasteners (M) Sdn. Bhd. is founded
A new 8,000-m2 production facility is constructed and commissioned for the production of stainless steel standard screws for the European market.

1995: Commissioning of the first multi-station part former (three forming stations)
An in-house development department is set up and the production of special parts begins.

1996: Opening of "Tigges Fasteners Trading Sdn. Bhd." in Kuala Lumpur
Opening of a sales and logistics center with its own warehouse in Malaysia's main industrial center.

2000: Certification according to ISO 9002
Production of stainless steel fasteners is expanded to other materials such as steel and aluminum.

2002: Commissioning of the first 5-station part former
We establish ourselves as a "niche manufacturer" of quality special parts for direct clients in many industries.

2003: Expansion of the service area
Creation of an internal service department. A quality management system is set up for commercial products and to supplement the portfolio with packaging kits and assemblies.

2004: Introduction of 100% final inspections
Successful entry into sensitive markets with the highest quality standards.

2007: Commissioning of the first 6-station part former
We become a global leader in the production of highly sophisticated formed parts.

2008: Certification according to TS16949
We gain a strong foothold in the automotive industry.

2008: Commissioning of a new production facility in Ipoh
Capacity is expanded with an additional 19,500 m2 of production space.

2008: Expansion into Japan
Opening of sales office and warehouse in Kobe.

2009: Change of name to "Tigges Fastener Technology (M) Sdn. Bhd."
We position ourselves as a full systems supplier. Commissioning of the first CNC lathing machine and increased specialization in the area of special parts.

2010: Investment in secondary operation equipment
Expansion of manufacturing capability for high-precision special parts.

2013: Haynes Tigges (Holdings) Ltd.
becomes sales base for the European market.

2014: Construction of an additional new production facility in Ipoh
Doubling of the base area to 40,000 m2.

2014: Investment in an in-house heat treatment facility
We enhance cost-effectiveness and quality by installing our own heat treatment furnace.