Fastener Solutions

Special screws

For specifications that differ from our standard range, we can manufacture them for you based on a sample or drawing. We comply with our customers' exact specifications in every respect:

Head shape (cylinder, pan, hex, countersunk, hammer head screws, etc.) can be individually manufactured thanks to our modern cold forming extrusion technology with non-standard larger dimensions.

Drive (slotted, Phillips, hex, multi-lobe, etc.) - both internal and external, also as tamper-resistant special shapes (tri-wing, with internal pin, etc.) for applications that must be tamper-proof and secure.

Thread (machine thread or self-tapping) - right or left-handed, metric or imperial, sheet metal, wood or chipboard screws, optimized for your particular application.

Material properties - tailored to your requirements for tensile and yield strength, corrosion resistance, appearance and economy.

Additional functions (covering caps, integration of a lubrication groove, optical finishing, etc.) - are individually produced by means of secondary operations after the cold forming process, such as turning, drilling, grinding etc.

Special parts

In parallel with our program of special fasteners, we also supply customer-specific cold-formed components. These include:

  • Hollow parts
  • Axles
  • Bolts
  • Rivets
  • Pins
  • Cotter pins and
  • Complex geometries

We manufacture all these parts according to your specifications. Our experienced engineers, state-of-the-art software and quality-tested processes provide fast and accurate results that combine quality and efficiency.

Cold formed extruded components

Talk to us if you need special parts that differ greatly from standard products. We produce unusual workpiece diameters in an cost-effective way using our multi-station part formers. For example, we can produce special screws with oversized heads, which cannot be produced by conventional cold forming.

Individually assembled and packed

We supply all fasteners as a complete solution, for example, assembled as a set with screw, washer and nut, or with additional parts such as plastic caps, packed in the desired quantities in a PU bag and labelled according to your specifications.

We also provide clean documentation and individual logistics with final inspections (on request 100%), so that your deliveries always run smoothly. Our goal is to give you service with a personal touch and systems that you can rely on.


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