At home in your industry

As a C-parts supplier, we are generalists and work successfully with just about every industry. But every industry has its specific characteristics that require a differentiated approach. As a result, we have developed specializations and industry-related skills. We understand the requirements your company has to meet and how your competitors work. This means that we can work in many industries as an equal partner:


Certified according to ISO TS 16949, we work for OEMs and well-known suppliers. We offer a full range of standard machine and self-tapping screws (for light metals and plastics) and manufacture special parts with complex geometries, in line with your product development. With our sophisticated quality management, 100% final inspections and delivery directly to the production line, we meet the strict standard specifications of your industry and reduce the workload of your purchasing department.

Bicycle industry

As a full-range supplier, we supply all standard and special screws and customer-specific special parts. Our industry expertise is in weight-reduced compound parts, efficient secondary operations such as turning and drilling, and finished surfaces that meet the most demanding design requirements.

Construction industry

With our efficiency, our extensive portfolio of standard screws and our just in time supply capability, we have proven ourselves as reliable partners to the construction industry. Our clients value our flexibility during the project and our manufacturing expertise when it comes to special requests such as particular optical requirements.

Sanitary equipment

Technical function has to be combined with fashion trends in kitchens, bathrooms and plumbing. Our range of fasteners meets every requirement when it comes to function, materials and appearance. From standard screws to special sizes to special designs - in brass, copper or stainless steel.


Maximum precision in even the smallest sizes - we provide standard screws and special parts for a range of electrical and electronic components, and of course they comply with all the relevant norms. For exposed parts such as casing screws, we offer screws with a refined appearance and tamper-resistant profile.

Energy production

We take the oil and gas industry's strict quality requirements into account during our product development. This includes a separate test lab with a salt spray system to determine corrosion resistance, outstanding quality management, and systematically monitored processes. All this ensures speedy assessment and certification by external auditors and guarantees timely delivery, even on the high seas.


A wide product range with small lot sizes - machinery and equipment manufacturers value our flexibility and service orientation. We supplement our wide range of in-house manufactured fasteners with purchased parts of comparable high quality and offer single source supply chain management, along with project-based set assemblies and small quantities per set.


We provide an equally wide range of products for the broad field of communication technology: our fasteners range from micro screws for use in electronics to fasteners for satellite systems, assembled as a kit (screws, nuts, washers) and sealed in a plastic bag depending on the customer's requirements. We are always happy to come up with individual solutions to special requests, whether they relate to product design, delivery or service.


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