Logistics Solutions

From the order to the assembly line

For us, quality also includes all the services that directly affect the work flow of our customers. We offer tailor-made logistics concepts to suit your individual operations and requirements. Whether just in time, on call, consignment or Kanban - we provide you with smooth C-parts management, ensuring your production flows smoothly with a minimum of effort and expense on your part.

Synchronized supply

Just in time means more than fast delivery on demand. In order to reap the benefits of this delivery method, customers need to have absolute trust in their supplier. The reduction or complete absence of buffer stocks means it is no longer possible to cover any delivery failures or delays.

This is why our processes and resources are precisely planned and monitored, so that you always can always be confident your delivery will arrive exactly when you need it.

Consignment stock

Long-term, trusting business relationships are typical for us. So we make use of consignment stocks to ensure products are available to our customers as required. We stock the planned quantities directly on your premises, but parts are only considered delivered when the stock is drawn down, and invoicing is in line with your specifications. This allows us to work efficiently and smoothly within your materials management processes.


As many as necessary, as few as possible: Kanban storage allows you maximum economy and flexibility in modern assembly lines. We ensure reliable on-site supply of all necessary fasteners.

With our Kanban system, two containers are available for each item in the assembly area. When the first is empty, the second moves up and ensures an uninterrupted supply. The empty container is brought to a predefined collection point, filled by us and reintegrated into the Kanban shelf. A smooth document management system cuts monitoring time and expense (including changing usage) by providing parts lists and bills that are integrated into your ERP system.


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