Manufacturing Techniques

Productivity with "zero ppm"

Nothing is random in our production processes. Our strict quality standards begin with the raw material, which is drawn in-house then passed to the cold forming machine. Our state-of-the-art machinery is unparalleled worldwide in terms of its efficiency and speed.

Subsequently if required all secondary operations such as additional turning are done on our wide range of equipment. The same applies to thread rolling, where we can always create customized solutions in addition to our standard threads.

Finally, the surface treatment ensures a perfect finish, both technically and visually.

This productive work flow allows for no random errors thanks to the vast experience and precise process controls carried out by our dedicated team of specialists.


Tool design is at the heart of all special parts production. Our cold-formed parts are manufactured on part formers with up to 6 stations. Here, a tool set can consist of up to 50 different tools. From design and drawing to the finished tool, it takes experience, technical expertise and knowledge of material flow to ensure smooth, long-term operation.

Our team of tool makers and designers have a mass of practical knowledge. They not only truly know their craft, but they also turn innovative ideas into reality in order to offer our customers improved efficiency. For example, they come up with solutions that make processes much more cost-effective than standard processes. We then pass this benefit on to our customers.

Wire drawing

Quality right from the start: we carry out wire drawing in-house, so, the quality of the drawn wire that we use is in our own hands. With our integrated annealing furnace, the physical properties of the final material can be monitored, documented and stored for each individual customer.

With this process we not only guarantee consistent material quality but are also able to shorten delivery times.

Cold forming

Our machinery provides world class technology in the cold forming of wire to blanks. Among them are high-speed systems with a productivity of up to 100,000 parts per shift per day and cold formers with up to 6 stations, which can produce even complex geometries in a single operation.

With our technical know-how and interaction with new technologies, we have the skill to operate a cost-effective forming process for parts which could previously only be produced by CNC lathes. In addition to providing substantial reductions in production costs, the physical properties of the finished product are improved, for example by increasing its strength.

Secondary operations

Our wide range of secondary operations equipment, such as auto lathe and CNC turning, drilling, slotting and center-less grinding, allows products to be customized to suit your specific requirements. All the necessary machinery and equipment is available, meaning we can ensure continuous process accuracy while remaining flexible and competitive.

Thread rolling

We can produce every type of thread, whether it is right or left, internal or external, in line with standard or customized specifications, a conventional screw thread or a complex hollow part. This is usually carried out by rolling or thread formers, i.e., without cutting, allowing us to achieve material strength and cost-effective results with the highest precision. 


To improve the corrosion resistance of the finished fasteners, our production is followed by surface treatment. Here, for example, the products are finished by passivation - in technical terms by building up a shield against surface corrosion, and in optical terms by polishing the parts to achieve the desired finish.

We can also meet particular customer specifications with customized coatings and surface treatments.


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