Extensive quality

The German term "Wertarbeit" describes a product that delivers what it promises. As a company with German roots, we are committed to this claim and achieve it through consistent quality management.

As a supplier to many industries, including the automotive, electronics and energy sectors, we meet stringent global standards by providing measurable product and process data.

But for us, the concept of quality is much more than this. It also means service, commitment, innovative capacity and solution orientation - all important criteria that are ingrained in our corporate culture.

All this means that you can be assured of the vital element that you are looking for in a C-parts supplier: reliability.

Incoming quality inspection

Our incoming goods inspection check the material before it enters the production process. But this is not the first step in our quality assurance. Our supplier management has already defined our suppliers' manufacturing processes. So the concept of quality is already part of the value chain before it reaches our production.

Process monitoring through SPC

We use SPC to monitor the process capability of our production and ensure its long-term operation. This statistical process monitoring does not focus on the precision of the component that is tested, but rather on the production process itself, which is continually evaluated using statistical methods.

Quality at final inspection

In addition to closed-loop process monitoring, the final testing ensures that we come impressively close to our ambitious "zero ppm" goal. Here, we use optical image processing systems, high-precision contour scanners and digital projectors, and we test and record dimensional accuracy, geometry, dimensional stability, hardness, surface, mounting completeness and cleanliness before the components are packed.

For high-specification industries and components with a major safety impact, we offer 100% inspections where we inspect every single part. State-of-the-art optical automation with a throughput of up to 500 specimens/minute ensures both maximum reliability and economy.

PPAP ISO / TS 16949

As an ISO/TS-16949 certified company, we offer a professional production part approval process (PPAP) for the approval of serial parts. For product and process approval, we make available the required measurement, material, and function reports on standard forms (also paperless) and ensure an efficient exchange in the release process.

Mechanical tests

An extensive inventory of equipment is available to test mechanical properties such as tensile strength, torque and hardness. The inspection department also serves as a laboratory for the development of product variants, such as optimized standard screws with increased strength.

Precision up to µ

To ensure dimensional accuracy, we use the latest methods of measurement, including a Mitutoyo Contracer for high-precision contour measurement, camera systems and digital projectors which examine up to 500 components per minute with an accuracy of up to 20 μ. In this way we ensure the necessary product quality, which in turn ensures uninterrupted production for our customers' assembly lines.

Lasting quality

Our experience with materials and our expertise in surface treatments means we produce fasteners that provide a perfect balance of application, durability and economy. A test laboratory with chemical and physical testing equipment is available for this, including a salt spray system that provides information on corrosion resistance and gives us a significant competitive edge in the offshore industry.

Certified quality

Our quality management is certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 16949. In addition, we meet and exceed many industry and company standards.


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