Services and skills

As a full-range manufacturer with a long-term perspective, we do not just deliver to our customers. We work with them at every stage. We are there to assist right at the beginning with our full service offer. Our goal is to offer long-term solutions from a single source for any situation that requires top-quality fasteners combined with reliability, creativity and efficiency.

Advice and service

We always have your interests at heart. This includes choosing the right fastener for the right application, improving standard products in terms of their physical and optical properties, and generating cost savings through enhanced procedures and individual logistics concepts. Our consulting expertise, experience, industry knowledge and high levels of technical know-how are always at your service.

Our engineers and quality managers are involved from the original idea right through to mass production. And whenever practical problems arise, standards change or efficiency has to be improved, our expert team is always there to help.

Research and Development

Shorter innovation cycles, increasing quality demands and high cost pressures require real development expertise. We work hand-in-hand with your product development team, using the latest technology prototypes and sample series, and apply professional process planning in preparation for mass production. Our focus is always on speed, transparency, efficiency and economy - whether we are producing a module with complex geometry or simply adapting a standard part for a specific application.

Purchasing and trade

Our worldwide supplier network ensures our ability to reliably deliver a full range of products. With our deep knowledge of the market, we guarantee competitive prices and a purchasing process that is subject to strict supplier management. The fact that all purchased parts fulfill the same quality criteria as our own manufactured parts is a distinguishing characteristic of our company.

Packaging and storage

The assembly - for example as a multi-part mounting kit - is tailored to your individual requirements, along with the packaging and labelling.

Our strategically located warehouses in Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur and Japan are networked via a modern ERP system. All products, batches, availability and delivery routes are linked and are available to logistics management in real-time. Schedules, orders and consignments are in constant reconciliation and automatic re-orders are called up before a bottleneck can occur.


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