Standard Product Range

Standard screws

Compliant with all international standards - DIN, ISO, ANSI, JIS, etc. - our standard range of stainless screws often exceeds the required criteria in terms of technical and optical quality. Yet we still offer competitive prices, thanks to our highly efficient production processes that are assured by complete process monitoring.

Full range of fasteners

Alongside our wide range of in-house manufactured parts, which are also available with additional surface treatments, secondary operations and optical sorting, the Malaysian domestic market is also offered the option of single source solutions using additional externally-sourced parts that are subject to our same strict quality controls.

We offer you the convenience of a full-range manufacturer who will provide the solution to all your needs - quickly, professionally and economically.

Please see our product catalogue for detailed information on all of our standard screws and fasteners.


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Catalogue and Price List of Standard Products